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DDProductions is a creative agency that thrives on creativity and has been operating in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. With extensive experience and a wide network of connections, we excel in delivering exceptional results. While we work as a cohesive team, we also value individual expertise. Our clients are our top priority, and we go above and beyond to fulfill their wishes and exceed expectations. Thanks to our international connections and involvement in global projects, we execute our work swiftly and professionally, consistently meeting the high standards expected from us.

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At DDProductions, we believe in the power of strong partnerships and connections to ensure client satisfaction. We collaborate with influential media partners and renowned brands to create, produce, and host compelling television and online concepts. By working with the biggest players in the industry, we embrace challenging projects that ignite our excitement. Whether it's collaborating with established names or exploring innovative new ventures, we consistently deliver explosive outcomes that leave a lasting impact.

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While teaching our audience about marketing strategies that might work for them we will offer them tools that we trust so they can be sure that their business is safe.

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Our Goal

We are moving towards where the action is. Every week we have another topic that we will talk about. We will be joined by people that can give us answers that you need to run your business..

Our production goal is to get listeners to be entertained while learning how to evolve their e-commerce business. Our podcast guest will tell their story and how they became successful in what they’re doing.

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Step-by-step, we guide you towards success, offering trusted tools and ensuring your business remains safe. Join us to learn, connect, and thrive. #MindfulPodcast #BusinessGrowth #EcommerceSuccess

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DDProductions, led by our experienced CEO Daisy Dee, possesses the expertise to assist both aspiring and established artists in making their mark in the music industry. With a deep understanding of the industry's workings and a passion for fostering talent, we have the capability to help artists create their name and establish a strong presence. At DDProductions, we are committed to guiding and supporting artists on their journey to success within the music industry.

partners and sponsors

DDProductions serves as the bridge between partners and sponsors in the television and social media industry. We excel at connecting the dots, leveraging our expertise to bring awareness to millions of people across generations. By collaborating with our valued partners and sponsors, we enhance the experience we offer to our audiences and customers. Their unique resources, knowledge, and networks contribute to the creation of exceptional products, services, and events. Together, we strive to create meaningful and memorable moments that deeply resonate with our audiences.

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Love Religion ft. U96

From the very first frame, Daisy Dee's energy is infectious, drawing you into a world where music reigns supreme.

The song's production is a masterful fusion of electronic elements and contemporary pop sensibilities. Dynamic synthesizers, driving basslines, and infectious hooks.

Pump Up The Jam 

A worldwide hit, reaching number two in the United Kingdom in 1989 and on the US Billboard Hot 100  in early 1990. 

Open Sesame

Daisy Dee unleashes a whirlwind of emotions through a captivating musical journey. This infectious pop anthem embraces the chaos of love and pushes the boundaries of conventional sound.


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We have Influencers for any type of business. You can choose if you like to have your Influencer to exchange
with products or payments. Enjoy our marketing possibilities!


between the age
of 15 and 25

Our influencers on specialized in different categories and between the age of 15 and 25 this target group is specifically for you’re young generation to boost your product or make known that you are having something new to offer


between the age
of 25 and 45

This Target group is very Family orientated. All you need regarding Sport, Health, Fitness, Feel good and lifestyle for the whole Family.
These Influencers will help you to reach your target audience and boost your Business.


all  ages

These Influencers are for all ages brother is technology dreams and travel or educational information. They will guide you to make your Business flourish.

We are specialized in:
Music and lifestyle
Fashion and art
Wellness and beauty
Food and health
Sports and fitness
Cars and tech

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